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You might not believe in past lives, but that is probably because you haven’t met Christopher R. King. His deep desire for the finer things in life does not come from a need to showcase his success and wealth, but more of an appreciation and longing for a former way of life. Like a king in the thirteenth century, his appreciation for fine wines, art, music and old world traditions have an aristocratic air. With deep European roots it is his conscientious nature, and respect for his heritage, that has pushed him to seek out the highest standards in life.  As a self-made entrepreneur, designer, artist and visionary he approaches life with unlimited possibilities and wants to live life to the fullest.
His wide-eyed desire for the possibility of perfection is relentless and his attention to detail borders on obsessive. As a wine connoisseur and collector with a true passion for fine wines, he challenged himself to create the very best wine, sparing no expense with his own label, King of Clubs.
His love for mixing his passions with business led him to create CCCXXXIII, a business he refers to as his life calling. Not just an astute observer, but also a real creative himself, King will continue to evolve and innovate as he opens up new doors of opportunity in both life and business.

Christopher R. King


Christopher R King Forbes

We can all learn from the rise – and fall – and rise again of self-made entrepreneur Christopher King. King is the founder of Cruzach, Inc. a holding company comprised of a dozen businesses including a partnership with the Mondavi family for a wine that retails for $799 a bottle and the executive production of a feature…

Chris King Robert Mondavi Jr Justin Anthony Forbes

Christopher R. King seems to have the magic touch when it comes to business dealings. Now, he’s testing the wine-making waters with the release of his first-ever 2010 Napa Valley red wine, The King of Clubs, a project he developed along with winemaker Robert Mondavi, Jr. and restaurateur Justin Anthony…


There is just something about Christopher R. King. As he walks into the room for the interview, I notice a few of the guests turn to watch him as he walks by.


Based in Beverly Hills, California, Christopher King is a 38-year old, self-made millionaire-twice over. He made his first million in real estate, lost it all in the crash of 2008 and then started over, with a focus on following his passions.

King of Clubs Wine Featured Las Vegas Food and Beverage


“This is what we truly believe to be the best of the best,” said Christopher King, whose palate for fine wine could bring a smile to Bacchus’s face*.

King, a self- made millionaire, joins acclaimed restaurateur Justin Anthony and iconic winemaker Robert Mondavi Jr. as the kings of King of Clubs…


A brisk December night in Las Vegas warmed up with an intimate crowd of wine aficionados gathered inside Hakkasan’s second-floor private dining room. At the center of a long dinner table lined with glistening Bordeaux glasses was self-made millionaire and entrepreneur Christopher King, partner of the eponymous King of Clubs, a renowned Napa…


Hosted in Greenwich, CT and Headlined by U.S. Attorney Preet Bhara, the exclusive two-day summit encompassed a broad range of financial thought leaders and business magnates to share ideas and discuss strategy in a relaxed setting. Cruzach CEO, Christopher R. King, presented alongside a panel of experts on alternative investment success…

Jennifer Howell and Chris King at The Art of Elysium Fundraiser

The Art of Elysium Founder, Jennifer Howell with Board Member, Christopher R. King at the 8th Annual Heaven Gala honoring the philanthropic actress, Amber Heard & visionary artist, Marina Abramovic. The event showcased a “silent party” with noise-canceling headphones, four different art installations followed by a fashion show by Costume National’s creative director…


Christopher R King, a Beverly Hills, California-based 36-year-old self-made millionaire entrepreneur, never went to business school or college and doesn’t even have a high school diploma; yet this feisty investor created his first company when he was 17 years old and by the time he was 26 had made his first million dollars. Since then, King has created…

Justin Anthony Christopher R. King and Dolvett Quince Celebrate Kings Birthday Party at Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills


On a beautifully balmy winter night, L.A.’s stylish set gathered in Beverly Hills for a glamorous rooftop soiree celebrating the birthday of entrepreneur Christopher King. Guests—including friends Justin and Kelly Anthony, Dolvett Quince of The Biggest Loser, Guy Starkman, Key Kiarie and Amie Satchu—enjoyed Dom Pérignon, delectable bites and…

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