Hotel Bel-Air: Escape Into An Old Hollywood Oasis

As an entrepreneur building a new luxury company, finding the time to get away can be really difficult. But when you are focused on reaching your goals, you have to find a nearby getaway that inspires you to create beautiful things.

For me, that is the Hotel Bel-Air.

Living in Beverly Hills, it is an easy 10-minute drive to Bel-Air for me, but it is a complete escape. Surrounded by twelve acres of gardens, this place is the perfect retreat to relax or just let the ideas flow. Originally designed as an oasis, it really has such a comfortable, relaxed yet, luxurious atmosphere. Located between the canyons, which allows for cooler nights, even in the summer.

As someone who has always loved the style and elegance of the Old Hollywood era, the history of this hotel completely resonates with me. It is no surprise that it was frequented by people like Grace Kelly, Jimmy Stewart and Robert Wagner. You can almost imagine being in a different time, the way they have maintained the property in this style.

My luggage is usually filled with Brunello Cucinelli for these weekend trips. The style and designs by this incredible Italian company is unmatched. His deep appreciation for cashmere led him to create some of the most beautiful garments. You can feel the “velvety softness” and see the manual work and craftsmanship that goes into all of his pieces. I travel with the Brunello Cucinelli silk throws during the warmer months and the cashmere versions in the winter and fall. These are perfect to throw on when I am reading or sketching designs outside on the patio on a cool night.

Some of the rooms still have wood burning fireplaces, which can create the most incredible ambiance in the fall and winter months. There is nothing better on a cool crisp night, then sipping a glass of fine wine with the smell and sounds of the wood burning fireplace in the background. Since the hotel is located between two canyons, even the summer nights can have a cool breeze so don’t think this has to be restricted to just the colder months.

Of course, I love that it has one of the Wolfgang Puck restaurants on the property so I can easily enjoy my favorite meals and wine. Their award-winning, world class spa is still one of my favorite places to relax and unwind. The estheticians and masseuses there are incredible. They used to carry my favorite face and eye cream from La Prairie, but recently changed to another product. Personally, I wish they would bring back La Prairie. Just putting it out there (wink-wink)! The best part of having this spa so close is that I can walk from my massage straight to my room. No driving or traffic to take me out of the state of relaxation.

I believe you can design your perfect environment and setting, right down to the clothes you are wearing. Just these small details can transform you into a different state. It is in that special place, that you can truly create.