A Setting To Last For A Century

Growing up, I didn’t have the luxury of fine plateware or expensive flatware. It wasn’t something that was considered a priority in my family.

When I was making my first million, I was more concerned about my focus and reinvesting back into my business then I was about investing in assets for my home. But when I made my fortune the second time around, I was in a much different place.

I was a father and wanted to start building my family heirlooms. I wanted to get a dinner collection, an espresso set and a tea set that would complement some of the fine art I had been collecting and would also be suitable to serve high profile guests and business partners. I also just wanted something special for my own family. I mean let’s face it, why wouldn’t we want to eat on luxurious table setting?

I had been looking around for a few weeks and came across this beautiful Hermès Bleu d’Ailleurs collection. I love the color blue and this was just so beautiful. I had already decided that I wanted real gold cups and flatware, so the gold accents in this collection were stunning paired with the blue hand painted plateware. For me, there was always something about blues paired with gold that just felt regal to me.

Now I want to tell you, I am not the guy that buys anything expensive just because of the label. Having worked my way to the top, I genuinely appreciate every detail that goes into something like this. I care about the craftsmanship, the work that went into each piece and the materials that were used to create it. So, the fact that this was a Hermès piece only told me that it was held to high standards. What really spoke to me were the details.

The Hermès Bleu d’Ailleurs collections are all specially handcrafted, as well as hand painted in Limoges, France. The painting on each cup is remarkable, so incredibly perfect. These pictures don’t do it justice. The porcelain comes from a very special white sand specific to one region of France. It is a much finer, white sand than most and therefore produces a lightweight porcelain, that is almost translucent. You can even see a shine through these feather light cups when you hold it to light.

I knew this was the set to have in my family for generations to come and was well worth the investment. It just elevates the experience of enjoying a meal with family and friends, or entertaining for business. Or even just a nice cup of tea after a long day. It makes me feel like every day is special. It reminds me of how far I have come. It also reminds me that make each day special. Life is short, enjoy it and savor it!