Why I love the Gulfstream

What’s so special about a Gulfstream? As an entrepreneur and founder of a luxury brand, I would say that I have pretty discerning taste and have spent plenty of hours doing business in the air. But once I had experienced the Gulfstream 450 and 550, it was hard to fly anything else.

When you buy (or charter) a Gulfstream, you’re not just getting an airborne piece of eye candy. But there is no denying their appeal. The company’s iconic business jets are known for their sleek designs: smooth, swept-back wings; a T-shaped tail; and oval windows that let in plenty of natural light.

Passenger compartments are designed for both premium comfort and maximum productivity. In Gulfstream’s longer-range jets, the supple leather seats can be used for high-altitude strategy huddles, then stretched out for sleeping so the team will arrive refreshed for their long-distance meetings.

Christopher R. King inside the Gulfstream GIVSP
Christopher R. King inside the Gulfstream GIVSP

Some extra appreciated touches: Luggage is readily available from the lavatory or passenger compartment. And screens, lighting, shades, and entertainment systems can be controlled with the touch of an app.

The Gulfstream brand is about style and substance. You obviously wouldn’t want to purchase a multi-million-dollar private jet without doing your due diligence. Luckily, Gulfstream aircraft measures up just as well under the hood.

In a Gulfstream, there’s more going on below the surface than meets the eye. Fabric sidewalls muffle excess noise as you and your teammates comfortably crisscross the country—or the Atlantic—at nearly the speed of sound. Cabins are extra pressurized, enriching the air with additional oxygen to make flying less tiring.

This thoughtful attention to detail extends to Gulfstream jets’ performance and safety. The Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System for Pilots and fly-by-wire aircraft controls give pilots access to state-of-the-art systems to increase situational awareness and reduce pilot fatigue. Winglets make for added fuel efficiency, while the T-shaped tail creates stability during turbulence.

If you’re wondering why Gulfstream manages to outperform competitors on so many levels, the answers can be found in the company’s long history. Gulfstream originated as Grumman Aircraft, a manufacturer of military planes. Company co-founder Roy Grumman succeeded in launching an entirely new class of airplane with the Gulfstream I in 1958. He followed it up with the Gulfstream II, which in 1968 became the first business aircraft to cross the Atlantic Ocean nonstop.

Gulfstream didn’t stop there. The Savannah, Ga.-based company has been perfecting the design and performance of its business jets for more than a half-century, adding to their range, speed, size, altitude, and features.

Its flagship, the G650ER, now exceeds the performance of other business jets with a nonstop reach of 7,500 nautical miles at Mach 0.85. And that’s only one of the reasons there’s a two-year waiting list to purchase a G650ER. (Gulfstream aircraft are known for their strong resale value too).

Christopher R. King Gulfstream GIVSP

Gulfstream business jets have also become something of an award magnet. Gulfstream has won more Collier Trophies than any other entity: one in 1997 for the Gulfstream V, a second in 2013 for the G550, and a third in 2014 for the G650. The National Aeronautical Association hands out the coveted trophies for the greatest achievements in aeronautics and astronautics every year. But who cares about awards. At the end of the day, it is what it does for you.

For me, being able to continue through my work day on a smooth Gulfstream ride with soft leather seats and high quality finishes with a lot of the luxuries from my life on the ground is everything.

I mean if life is a journey, why not enjoy the ride?

Christopher R. King Gulfstream GIVSP