Christopher R. King

Christopher R. King

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Place of Birth: Connecticut

Place of Residence: Beverly Hills, CA

Occupation: Founder, Designer & Creative Director of CCCXXXIII

What is CCCXXXIII: A purveyor of limited edition, luxury lifestyle objects with an unwavering commitment to quality and perfection. Our first release will be the attaché case. CCCXXXIII are the Roman numerals for 333, and we release only 333 items per product line in just three tiers: only 3 in the first tier, 30 in the second tier and 300 in the third tier. We spare no expense to ensure that only the best of the best artisans, processes, and materials are used to craft each item.

What is your mission: To redefine the world of luxury and bring back the quality and craftsmanship which was once exclusively enjoyed by the aristocracy of centuries past.

Describe your creative process: It starts with an idea or a feeling, and I allow myself the opportunity to fully explore the dream without limits. With this kind of freedom, the possibilities are endless. Once I have the vision and know what I want to create, I get going and don’t stop until I see my vision come to life. And, when I sit down to design a collection I need to be in the right environment. I am inspired by excellence, so I find myself escaping to my favorite hotels and museums.

Who is the CCCXXXIII customer: A successful, well-travelled, experienced luxury connoisseur. They are either a self-made mogul, a high-level politician, an extremely high-level executive, an aristocrat, or royalty. The CCCXXXIII client needs no introduction, and their energy and presence palpably transform and elevate the vibration of any room they enter. They exude confidence, refinement, charm, and success. They are not swayed by brand labels, and they appreciate the history, heritage, time, energy, and the rare and precious materials that go into creating an unparalleled worldclass product.

Favorite part of the job: I designed the first bag just for me because I couldn’t find what I wanted. When I realized there were other people wanting the same thing out of a bag, my path was set. I am obsessive about details, so I travel the world to select the skins, and I work alongside generational artisans. When I see people’s reactions when they see the final product my dream has been realized.

Clients include: As a company policy, we do not disclose names of our clients.