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Christopher R. King

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Christopher R. King


Monday, October 6, 10:00 a.m.
“Looking Ahead:
2015 Investment Opportunities”

A 36-year-old entrepreneur and self-made millionaire twice over, Christopher R. King defines resilience. Expelled from high school after defending another student against a bully, he refused to be pushed down. Using his street smarts and raw ambition, he created his first company at the age of 18 and made his first million by the time he was 26 years old. After losing everything in the real estate crash of 2008, he moved to Los Angeles and built a new empire, diversifying his interests. Now, the founder of Cruzach, Inc. with over six companies under his belt, a collaboration with Robert Mondavi Jr. for the perfect wine, and several new projects in the works – continues to explore the horizon for what is next. Just as Mr. King pushes the limits of what is possible in business, he also does the same in his philanthropic endeavors, with countless contributions to charities and local community support. From working with inner city youths to supporting international foundations like amfAR, this is a man who believes in paying it forward. King is also an avid patron of the arts through his contributions to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, as well as his support of both local and international artists.
Cruzach Inc. is no ordinary holding company. Powered by strategic relationships, elite networks, and raw capital investments, Cruzach, Inc. not only funds ambitious ventures but also grooms them individually for success. Whether working with established brands or creating new companies through ideation and innovative concept development, Cruzach, Inc. provides personalized guidance to elevate companies to the next level of stability and productivity. By leveraging powerful networks and funds to a diversity of companies, Cruzach, Inc. creates a formula for continuous growth and success.